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Revitalize Cream with Collagen + Retinoid with 100mg CBD offers maximum benefits to your worthy skin!

Combat the appearance of aging with maximum strength Collagen, Retinoid and Hemp Extract! Revitalize Cream with Collagen + Retinoid with 100mg of BD is power-packed with

hydrolyzed collagen and retinoids to enhance the appearance of skin and its color. This unique formulation helps to promote a more youthful appearance, and aids in restoring firmness,

reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, breakouts and hyper-pigmentation. This cream promotes firmer-feeling, smooth and softer skin, and provides hydration support for skin of

any age to look radiant and revitalized. It is also great for Collagen-depleted skin.

•Airless Pump

•Promotes youthful skin tone and appearance

•Provides nourishment to skin

•Helps to hydrate and moisturize skin

•Assists in minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

•Helps to maintain an overall youthful skin texture and


Revitalize with Collagen +Retinol with 100mg CBD

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