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Our Vision

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We are very grateful to announce that our vision for  You Are Worthy Center has been granted 501c3 status, allowing us to take a step closer towards achieving our vision in saving lives and make an impact in our community.

Our Mission is to help women & children who are suffering from domestic violence & human trafficking and who seek recovery from abuse. Our heart is for our organization to be a safe place for healing and restoration. We believe that everyone deserves to live free from violence and exploitation. Join us in our mission to make this world a safer, more suitable place for all. 

Our goal is to offer help and hope to those who need it most.  We want to help people rebuild their lives and their faith, we believe that everyone is worthy of a new beginning.

Included in the future of our mission. 

My husband Raymond Garcia has a heart and vision for another property separate from the domestic violence center.

A place to serve people coming out of incarceration, to help restore their lives regardless of their situation. By providing resources that help them learn a trade, find employment, and/or start a business. 

My husband and I both know how it feels to carry a Felony on our record due to making bad choices from our past.

We hope to empower them to take back control of their lives by making positive choices and changes.

We'll be providing resources that help them find

their worth.

Raymond & Emeralda . motto is,

His heart is my heart my heart, my heart is his heart.

1John 4:19 we love because He first loved us .


Our goal is to help rebuild shattered lives.  This will be a safe and confidential space. where women can heal from trauma and find new beginnings while finding their self-worth.  The environment will be a spiritual and faith-based center to help them become successful and stable in their lives.  We aim to empower women out of their hopeless situations and help them know that they are worthy, and they have the right to live the kind of life they deserve.

We will provide transformational coaches & counselors on staff to assist with the healing process.

We will have gathered resources to connect our women with employment workshops and free beauty care such as hair, nails make-up etc. To help women achieve self-confident & feeling worthy. You Are Worthy Center thanks you in advance for your kind donations of gently used women's and children's clothing.


Our goal is to offer hope, restore lives and restore faith with God’s love and the healing power of the Holy Spirit. Help women rebuild confidence physically, mentally and spiritually​.

While women are in the healing process of renewing their lives, we will:


  • Provide a safe shelter

  • Counseling 

  • Provide a Healing Room ministry for prayer.

  • Workshops Resources 

  • Provide creative outlets through art and wood project classes.

  •  Provide life coaching courses.

  • Provide Bible Studies.

  •  Encourage worship and healing through the power of faith.


“You are more precious than rubies and have been from birth.  You were made to love and be loved beyond measure, every women is beautiful and valuable treasure.”

 YOU are all of this and so much more. ❤

 It all started with a dream .Our team has crafted an exclusive collection of high-quality skincare products that not only serve to pamper your skin but also help bring our vision and mission to life. By donating $110, you receive our entire CBD skincare line, knowing that 100% of the proceeds will benefit our mission. This is an exceptional opportunity to support both your self-care journey and a meaningful cause, as your skin will radiate with health and your heart will glow with the satisfaction of making a difference. So, treat yourself and your skin while standing behind our worthy vision - because beauty shouldn't be just skin-deep!


If you have it in your heart to give a financial donation, it would be an incredible help.But,if it isn't possible. We humbly ask for help in the form of prayer, as we are now looking to acquire a property. With your prayers, we hope for guidance and clarity on moving forward with this big step. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our next step is the right one, so any help from our community in prayer will be greatly appreciated. It may not be money that helps us in this journey, but rather divine intervention. Your prayers will be valuable as we make decisions and take steps towards securing a property. Thank you for taking the time to think of us and our cause.

Mathew 18:20

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