Our Vision


The “You Are Worthy Beauty Studio ” vision is to open up a faith-based nonprofit women's center named “You Are Worthy women's Center ”.

We want to help women find a way out of domestic violence relationships, women who have suffered from human trafficking and women who seek recovery from sexual abuse & drug and alcohol abuse.  Our organization will also serve as a place for women coming out of incarceration, to help them restore their lives regardless of their situation.


Our goal is to help rebuild shattered lives.  This will be a safe place where women can heal from trauma and find new beginnings while finding their self-worth.  Our environment will be a spirituality and faith-based center to help them become successful and stable in their lives.  We aim to empower women out of their hopeless situations and help them know that they are worthy and the right to live the kind of life they deserve.

We will have spiritual teachers, counseling and life coaching.  We will provide transportation to our local church, for weekly spiritual growth (Church for the Nation).  We have gathered recourses to connect our  women with employment workshops and free beauty care such as hair, nails make-up etc. to help women feel more confident & worthy. Additionally, we will connect women to education and any other resources that will benefit their life skill growth. ​


Our goal is to offer hope, restore lives and restore faith with God’s love and the healing power of the Holy Spirit. Help women rebuild confidence physically, mentally and spiritually​.

While women are in the healing process of renewing their lives, we will:

● Provide a Healing Room ministry for prayer..

● Provide instrument classes, as we believe music is powerful healing source.

● Help them discover their hidden gifts and talents with life coaches.

●  Provide creative outlets through art and wood project classes.

●  Provide life coaching courses.

●  Provide Bible Studies.

●  Encourage worship and healing through the power of faith.

●  Provide singing & dance classes.

● Provide fitness & healthclasses.


“You are more precious than rubies and have been from birth.  You were made to love and be loved beyond measure, every women is beautiful and valuable treasure.”

 YOU are all of this and so much more. ❤

When you come to our business, you are supporting this vision.  A percentage of profits will ALWAYS go toward helping women in need.

Proverbs 31:10 She is worth far more than rubies 


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